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Remodeling your bathtub into a large shower

Do you hardly ever use your bathtub? If you don’t, you might decide to do some tub and shower remodeling and remove it. Taking out your bathtub can give you six inches or more of extra space in your shower. If you have a second bathroom that has a tub in it, you don’t even lose the option of taking a bath (and you don’t lose any value in your home if you want to sell it later). Of course, this type of bathroom renovation is not going to be an easy or cheap one, but the extra shower space you gain may be well worth it.

This bathroom renovation revolves around removing the bathtub. That’s the largest part, especially since you may have to break the tub in half to get it out of its space and your house. It is definitely best to have a licensed plumber do the work here if you aren’t comfortable with working around pipes and plumbing. Once the tub has been removed, you’ll need to do a little bit of work on the pipes – mainly sealing off the section that goes to the tub faucet. However, you shouldn’t need to replace all of your pipes. You will then need to put down a new floor in your shower, and you might want to move the drain, too. You can put a larger drain in the middle of your new shower if you like, but of course, that will require modifying your pipes somewhat. You’ll need to add more tiles to your wall, too. If you hate the tiling on your wall, you can use this remodel as an excuse to completely redo them. If you don’t want to change all of them, you can find some that match and simply add more as needed. Another thing you can change while you are making this large renovation is to add in a second showerhead or side-showerheads. If you want to truly luxuriate in your shower, add one or two side showerheads to your new larger shower. Having relaxing hot water sprayed from different sides will give you a very different shower experience. Why would you want to spend the money and take the time to remove your bathtub? There are a couple of different reasons. Taller people may find bathtubs uncomfortable, and if they do not have children or have a second tub, it only makes sense to create a larger shower. Those who have problems stepping up over the side of the bathtub, such as the elderly or those who have suffered from a stroke, may have to have their tub removed to use the shower. It becomes a health risk otherwise since they could fall while getting in or out of the shower. If you are considering taking on this type of renovation project, there are a few things you’ll need to take into account. If this is your only bathroom, you may need to arrange to use a neighbor’s facilities during the renovation. Normally, it can be done in a weekend or even a day, but there is always the chance that the project will not go smoothly. Also, remember that while you may be able to use the bathroom once the shower is installed, you may not be able to use the shower for a day or two while the new tiles and floor are set.

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