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Adding a jacuzzi tub to your bathroom

If you have the space and love luxuriating in a hot bath, you may want to remove your old, standard sized bathtub and put in a larger Jacuzzi tub. These larger bathtubs are great for tall people or those who find standard tubs too uncomfortable or cramped. While they do take up more room and take longer to fill, they can really help you relax. To install one yourself, you’ll have to know how to move some of your bathroom plumbing around, and you’ll need to be able to remove the old bathtub. It may be much easier to hire a licensed plumber to do some of the more difficult work.

There are a number of different Jacuzzi tubs on the market. Some are very large and require a lot of space, while others are only a little larger than your average bathtub and may even fit in the same space. The type you get depends on what you are looking for, how much room you have, and how much money you can spend. If you select a tub that’s larger than what you currently have, you are going to have to decide just how much of your bathroom you want to radically change. If you have a lot of open space, you may not have to remove anything. If you don’t, you might have to take out a wall and actually expand your bathroom into another room. You may also have to take out some of your flooring since the larger Jacuzzi tub will need more space. That’s a major renovation and will be costly in both materials and time. You might also need to move some of your plumbing. The new faucet and drain will most likely not be in the same place as your current tub’s, so you’ll have to run new pipes. You might also need to move some of your electrical wiring. Another thing to consider is that some Jacuzzi tubs require wall access so you can get in and perform maintenance on them. That might require cutting into the wall. One thing some people – especially those who are trying to save money by removing the old tub themselves – get stuck on is how they’re going to get the old tub out. While it can be lifted up and removed in one piece, it’s often a lot easier to break it into pieces. Chances are, you are not going to be using it anywhere else, so breaking it apart is certainly the easier option. Bathtubs, especially older bathtubs made from cast iron, weigh a lot, so if you are moving it in one piece then you’ll need several strong people and a dolly to get it out of your house. Installing your new Jacuzzi tub is not that difficult, but it may require the help of a skilled electrician and plumber. Once it’s fully installed and you’ve replaced all of the drywall, tiles, and flooring, don’t think you can jump right in – you may need to give it a day or two for all of the caulking and such to dry. However, it will not take much more than a day or two before you can fully enjoy your new Jacuzzi tub.

Jacuzzi with swirling water and brown mosaic in bathroom
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